Sophie Antoinette Moedig received her Bachelor with Honours in Drama Studies at the University of Winchester (UK), where she got to try out various techniques ranging from Shakespearean to Divising Theater and Improvisational Comedy.

During her studies Sophie participated in a Musical Theatre project of the University in collaboration with the Winchester Community Prison, their inmates and opera director Martin Constantine. This experience influenced her decision to take up voice lessons, which then led to her training as a classical singer in the Netherlands, during which she continued to practise role and character analysis and development on stage. 

Her stage repertoire includes The Wife in The Seduction Scene / The Good Doctor (Neil Simon), Mouse & White Queen / Alice's Adventures Underground (Christopher Hampton), Lady Katherine / Love Labour's Lost (William Shakespeare) and a variety of character rotes in Musicals such as Lead Sergeant / Pirates of Penzance (Gilber & Sullivan), Katharina Nagel / AIR RAID (McDaniel), Music Hall Star / Oh! What a Lovely War (Joan Littlewood) and Louisa von Trapp / The Sound of Music (Rogers & Hammerstein).

In 2017 Sophie Antoinette Moedig rekindled her love for film and has been acting in various filmproductions as well as writing her own scripts.


Acting/ performance coaches include Tamara Jongerden, Prof. Nino Sandow and Wolfram Scheller.



Place of Birth:  Berlin

Nationality:  German-Canadian

Hight:  172 cm

Hair Color:  Brown

Eye Color:  Hazel

Languages: Dutch, Italian

Mother Tongue:  English, German

Voice Type:  Soprano/ Mezzo

Singing:  Classical, Opera, Musical, Jazz

Instruments:  Piano, Flute

Location:  Berlin


GER: Köln, Hamburg, Stuttgart 

NL: Maastricht, Den Haag, Utrecht (Soest) 

GB: London, Newcastle Upon Tyne

IT: Livorno, Rome 

CA: Vancouver, Calgary

Lisence:  No

Other:  Movement, Dance (Modern, Ballroom, Salsa), Horseback riding, Archery, Drawing/ Creative Arts, Creative Writing


Das Ende unserer Zeit (2019)



Story/Direction: Jasper Graeve

Production: Acephale Picture Production/ Benjamin Schiller & Nicolas Wietfeldt

An Artist is an Artist  (Post- Production) 


Story/Direction: Juan Sebastian Jiménez

Production: SAE Productions Berlin

FARTA (2018)


Story/Direction: Silvia Cannarozzi

Production: dBs Film Berlin/ Jade Morash, Alejandra Arias



Story/Direction: Sascha von Hinrichs, Sophie Mödig

Production: Sascha von Hinrichs, Sophie Antoinette Mödig

Buriton Heights (2007)


Story/Direction: Joe Daniels

Production: Cheers Butt Productions 

Teaser 2018

English Monologue (2018)

Der Fall Dunhill (2017) - Short Film